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Series 480 Elevator

Designed to Meet a Variety of Applications

The 480 Series Elevator is an elevator designed to meet a variety of applications. Manufactured of 16 gauge galvanized steel it is a lightweight yet sturdy machine to help you load or unload more efficiently.

Featuring a belt speed of up to 300 feet per minute it will definitely speed loading time. Its ball bearings can be greased regularly to keep them operating smoothly. The hand crank has a built in self-activating friction brake assuring safer operation by eliminating the danger of the handle slipping out of your hand and out of control.

Also available is the option of a trailer hitch allowing you to transport it from job to job. The axles also have quality ball bearings enabling you to tow the machine about at road speeds comfortably.

  • Removing Wood Scraps
  • Piling Firewood
  • Loading Mulch
  • Loading Poultry Manure
  • Unloading Fertilizer
  • Recycling Operations
  • Your Application . . .

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Series 480 Elevator

Main Features

480 Main Features

Hopper Details

480 Hopper Details

Belt Details

480 Belt Details

480 Series Specifications

Trough Material: 16 gauge galvanized steel or stainless steel
Depth of Trough: 7"
Width of Trough: 20 1/4"
Powered by: Honda 13.0 HP Belt Drive or Hydraulic Drive
Hydraulic Motor
5 HP Electric Motor Belt Drive
Optional features: Stainless steel trough construction
Trailer hitch - Custom size ball
Oversized Hopper
Instructions & Parts List: 480 Series gas engine
480 Series hydraulic motor
480 Series electric motor
Length of Elevator Tire Tracking Width Recommended Safe Operating Range
24' 64" 6' to 12'
28' 64" 7' to 14'
32' 64" 8' to 16'
36' 76" 9' to 18'
40' 76" 10' to 20'
44' 88" 12' to 22'
48' 88" 14' to 24'

Custom Built Conveyors to fit your specific needs are also available.